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Permanent Staffing Solutions

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At CodeXCypher, we understand the significance of finding the right match for your company. Finding the right talent needs research and time; time that firms can instead dedicate to revenue-generating tasks. This is where our permanent staffing services come to the rescue:

Our permanent recruitment services help solve clients’ hiring challenges and enable them to build a dynamic workforce. Here are some of the key features:

Database Of Skilled Candidates
Improved Productivity & Efficiency
Reduced Recruitment & Payroll Costs
Experts In Varied Domains & Sectors
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Why Is Investing In Permanent Staffing Services Important For Businesses?

Businesses today handle complex projects to serve the dynamic wants of their clients and consumers. Opting for external permanent staffing solutions can help them dedicate more of their valuable time and effort to profit-driven tasks, and less to the tedious hiring processes.

Easy Access To Qualified Profiles

In a vast pool of skilled individuals, finding talent can be tiring. Permanent staffing services can free businesses of this task, providing them with excellent candidate profiles to choose from.

From Finding Talent To On-boarding

Right from searching for talented individuals that best fit the profile to taking care of the on-boarding and migration processes - our team takes care of all the recruitment phases.
Benefit From Our Permanent Staffing Solutions

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We provide businesses with an extensive database containing the finest of talent in the market, hand-picked to cater to the most complex of projects. Together, let’s take on newer heights.

Why Partner With CodeXCypher? Here’s What Makes Us The Better Choice!

Having the right teams on board is critical for business growth, it paves the way for enhanced efficiency and quicker solutions. Our permanent recruitment services are exclusively built with this fact in mind. We adopt a thorough approach when it comes to hiring full-time employees.

Advanced Tools & Processes

We leverage advanced technologies and operational processes to build engagement models that involve skilled talent pools and domain experts.

Expert Recruitment Panel

Our trained recruitment team is ever-ready with result-driven talent solutions to solve clients’ hiring challenges and bring them closer to their vision.
How Does It Work?

Take A Closer Look At Our Elaborate Permanent Staffing Process

We start by studying the company requirements. Then, our team proceeds to build the ideal plan that covers it all - right from building profiles and job descriptions to conducting market research to selecting the right talent whose expertise is aligned with the profile created.
After sifting through diverse talent pools on multiple social media platforms, job portals, and other relevant mediums, our team shortlists the best possible candidates based on client requirements. The shortlisted profiles are thoroughly verified in terms of background checks.
Our permanent staffing services come with additional offerings as well. If the finalized candidates are expected to have a certain level of skills in communication or technical areas, we train them accordingly. In the final stage, our team ensures a seamless onboarding process.


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