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We are ready to boost your online presence.

When users want any information, they start looking for it on the internet. You need search engine optimization services if you want your business to be visible in this demanding market.

Customizable Services

Let us know your requirements, and we can chalk out various campaigns as per your goals. Be it a small or big campaign, results are assured.

Ranking on the way

One of the critical SEO services we provide is optimizing your website's title, headings, and meta tags. All this to boost your performance and ranking.

Affordable packages

As a trustworthy SEO agency, we have come up with various packages as per your business size and requirements. Rest assured; we guarantee utmost transparency.

Proper navigational structure

When a user comes to your website, he shouldn't be disappointed with confusing navigation. So, we ensure the design is simple and hassle-free for easy conversion.

Mobile optimization

Most of the searches happen on mobile devices. We take care of all these intricacies and make your business visible throughout all the platforms and devices.

Faster conversion rate

At CodeX Cypher, we not only target the primary keywords but also look at the bigger picture, wherein we strive to generate immense traffic from search engines and convert them into leads.

How does our SEO process work?

We get good results because we follow a step-by-step strategy. There are no shortcuts but infused with sheer hard work and teamwork.


Keyword Research

Sorting out keywords complementing the business.

Actual Implementation

Here is where the actual action starts when an idea becomes a reality.

Page Optimization

Usage of targeted keywords in the meta description, headings, and overall content.


We observe traffic, crawlers, and traffic to generate the report.


The last step is to handle all minor and significant issues that arise.

Understanding customer's business

Gathering information about the customer & their business.

Creating strategies

As per the goals, we create a strategy for maximum visibility.

Content building

Coming up with unique and high-ranking content.

Technical SEO

Keeping a check on site speed, URL structure, crawling, etc.


We measure whether the strategy we thought was materializing.
Why choose us

When are there many SEO agencies in the market?

There is no shortage of companies providing SEO services but not all of them can fight tough challenges and bestow a 100% success rate. However, CodeX Cypher stands different and has the credibility to resist every challenge.

Expert team

We have brought together the best experts with complete technical know-how

Promises are valued

Whatever we promise, we implement with utmost sincerity and without any false promises.

Affordable Pricing

We do not incur out-of-the-world charges. Instead, we structure as per your goals and requirement.


We’ll be happy to help bring your idea to life.
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