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Social Media


We are positioned to boost

your social media visibility You will find every individual on social media. Indeed, with the best social media marketing services of CodeX Cypher, you can utilize this colossal battleground to create more awareness of your brand.

Dedicated guide

You will be assigned a dedicated guide who understands social media well and knows what's best for your business.

Marketing across platforms

Be it Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter; our team will reach out to every nook to create brand awareness.

Detailed reporting

How are your social media handles doing with the right strategies will be carefully mapped, and a report will be generated!

Analytical study

Careful evaluation of posts that created a stir amongst the viewers will be analyzed and, accordingly, will make changes.

Constant support

Our support team will be constantly in touch with you and guide you if you face any challenges.

Growing website exposure

We design strategies not only to enhance your social media handles but also to bring traffic to your website.

Trust is the synonym of CodeX Cypher.

Every process we implement is transparent for you to know our working structure.

Defining the target audience

Study of audience is undertaken. For example, which platform is utilized often

Choosing the best platform

As per your business and audience, choosing the best social media platform

Creation of content

Curating high-quality content to engage with the audience

Tracking the metrics

Keeping a continuous eye on what is working in your favor

Listing business goals

Acknowledging business goals for setting tangible benchmarks

Creation of calendar

Creating a weekly/monthly calendar to determine which posts will go live and when

Adapting after evaluation

Change in strategy and adapt as per new trends.
Why we are the best?

There are many social media marketing companies, so why choose us?

We do not impart social media marketing services as a formality, but we give our sweat and blood for the growth of your business and to make this strategy a big hit.

Expert team

We have brought together the best experts with complete technical know-how.

Promises are valued

Whatever we promise, we implement with utmost sincerity and without any false promises.

Affordable Pricing

We do not incur out-of-the-world charges. Instead, we structure as per your goals and requirement.


We’ll be happy to help bring your idea to life.
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